Teen Health Week

Teen Health Week

Teen Health Week: March 18-24, 2018

Penn State PRO Wellness, with funding provided by Children’s Miracle Network and GIANT Food Stores, is collaborating with global partners on the world’s first Teen Health Week, March 18-24, 2018. The goal of this week-long initiative is to raise awareness of how teens are affected by preventive care, vaccines, nutrition and physical activity, violence, oral health, and mental and sexual health. Teen Health Week 2018 is a global initiative encouraging teens across the world to take charge of their physical and mental health, and facilitate healthy habits they will carry throughout their lives.

Each day will focus on a specific topic related to teen health:

  • Sunday, March 18: Violence Prevention
  • Monday, March 19: Preventive Care and Vaccines
  • Tuesday, March 20: Healthy Diet and Exercise
  • Wednesday, March 21: Mental Health
  • Thursday, March 22: Sexual Development and Health
  • Friday, March 23: Substance Use and Abuse
  • Saturday, March 24: Oral Health 

Use the resources available on this site to promote Teen Health Week and/or for ideas on how to host events within your school or organization.