Start fun couple exercises to boost chances of growing old together

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The holidays usually set almost everybody who is in a relationship on a quest to create a perfect day for their partner from a careful thoughtful gift choosing process to a carefully laid plan for celebration whether in a formal date or a more relaxed manner, then to a romantic night.

There is not one gift fits all or one date fits all, no matter what popular believe belief will have you think. While some couples want the formal dinner date, others would rather have an active day out, and others will want both. But there’s a good reason to make your average day just a little more special for each other too!

Reasons You Should Work Out As A Couple

Being active every day of your life is, indeed, important. No matter what health conscious efforts you make, exercise remains the ‘miracle cure’ with an arsenal of scientifically proven benefits, making working out the best activity you can do for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

With regular working out, you reap benefits such as: Up to 50 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes, up to 35 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, up to 20 percent lower risk of breast cancer, up to 50 percent lower risk of colon cancer, up to 83 percent lower risk of osteoarthritis, up to 68 percent lower risk of hip fracture, up to 30 percent lower risk of falls among older adults, up to 30 percent lower risk of early death, up to 30 percent lower risk of depression and up to 30 percent lower risk of dementia.

7 Exercises for Partners

Have you heard the phrase ‘couples who workout together, stay together’? Here are 7 ideas to sweat with your partner!

Partner high knees

To get some extra motivation during this classic exercise, have your partner stand opposite you with their hands up, palms facing down, and try to touch their palm with your knee. This will encourage you to do your best and stay motivated, pushing your knee high up to the desired level every time without losing momentum.

Health benefit: High knees are a grid workout to get the heart rate up and warm the body up. The resulting increased aerobic fitness is one of the natural ways to increase stamina.

Couple sit-ups

Who doesn’t want chiseled abs? This back to basics work out will have both you and your partner working on your abdominal muscles together. Start by lying down on the ground on the same line opposite each other, with knees bent and feet resting on the floor. Lift up using your abdominal muscles at the same time as your partner to perform a sit-up with your arms in front of you, then meet your partner’s hand at the top of the sot up for a high five.

Health benefit: Sit-ups strengthen the abdominal. The most important factor in performing a sit-up is good posture. Don’t strain your neck and shoulder, and make sure your abs do all the work.

Get-ups and pull-ups

To start this couple work out, partner A lies on the ground, knees bent and feet flat on the floor, while partner B faces and does a static half sumo squat opposite partner A with feet outside of their partner’s. From this position, partner A performs a sit up, and the couple holds hands firmly. From there, the action starts. Partner B keep the static squat with a straight back, and uses their upper body to pull their partner up with a pull motion, bring their elbow toward their ribs. Partner B uses their core strength to jump up, then land softly on their feet. Partner A, then helps lower partner B back into lying down position to repeat the exercise.

Health benefit: This workout uses several muscles. The partner lying down on the floor uses their abdominals and the partner in the static squat work the quadriceps and gluteus through the squat, and their upper body through the dynamic motion. Besides these health benefits, this workout also builds trust and is beneficial for couples looking for a male fertility booster to bond and from an emotional connection.

Plank high-five

Lie on the floor opposite each other on the same line, then get in plank position. Hold the plank in correct form, then slowly take one hand off the floor, and give each other a high five while maintaining the plank. Alternate hands, and keep doing that every few seconds, and enjoy the friendly competition.

Health benefits: Planks are an excellent exercise to increase core strength. This workout is excellent for couples in search of male fertility booster as it will strengthen the bond between the couple.

Burpees and static squat

Have you felt like you need some extra motivation to keep that static squat for a longer period of time, or to do one extra burpee? This couple work-out will help you. One partner holds a static seat against a wall, while the other performs 7 burpees, then switch. This will keep the motivation levels up, the actions going and it will help you both push each other.

Health benefits: Burpees are a high-intensity functional work out, which have been shown to give benefits that are on par with ordinary cardio for outs such as cycling but in less time spent working out. Static squats increase the strength of the gluteus and the quadriceps.

Supported tree pose

If you have been working on your pose and balance, you can enjoy the benefit with your partner in a supported tree pose. Stand next to your partner, then wrap your arms around each other’s waist, then put your outside foot on the inside of your standing leg inhere love or below the knee, depending on your flexibility level. Each of you should reach with the outside arm behind to meet the partner’s hand in prayer pose. In this pose, you can lean on each other for support.

Health benefits: Aside from the obvious trust building characteristics of this work-out, tree pose improves balance.

Active Date

There is no reason for the working out to stop once you leave the gym. You can let your love for fitness continue into your date. Simply plan an active date such as taking your loved one for a scenic hike, ending in a romantic picnic where you will both enjoy the serene beautiful nature, be able to talk and bond, and be active all the time. If you’re more of a party animal than a nature lover, you can still burn those calories and move those muscles on the dance floor with your partner by spending the night partying at your favorite club. Runner couples can do what they love and serve a good cause that spreads love to the whole community, not just to each other, by taking part in a charity race.

Health Benefits: Whichever active date idea you choose, you will be having fun, bonding with your partner, and working on your fitness simultaneously. Whether you are hiking, running or lighting up the dance floor, you will be getting your heart rate up, increasing your cardio minutes, improving your aerobic fitness, and using one of the natural ways to increase stamina.


These 7 couple workout ideas will have you celebrating your relationship and burning those calories at the same time. Best of all, you will be sharing all these great workout benefits with your beloved. Enjoy the sweat, laughs, good fun, and most importantly, the bonding these workouts will bring to your relationship!

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