School Nurse Resources

School Nurse Resources

School Nurse Resources

School nurses do more than just tend to scraped knees and upset stomachs. They play an integral role in keeping our kids healthy.

Yvonne Cook, Highmark Foundation President
We are proud to partner with the Highmark Foundation to help school nurses. We want to provide the resources they need to best take care of our children.

Jennifer Kraschnewski, MD, MPH, PRO Wellness Executive Director
We are actively seeking to improve school health. In doing so, we asked school nurses what educational topics would be of most value to them – this way we can assist in keeping their students healthy and ready to learn.

Yvonne Cook, Highmark Foundation President


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, schools should have one nurse for every 750 students. However, the National Education Association reports that 59% of schools have a higher ratio of students to available nurses. Yet school nurses continue to rise to the challenge. Despite juggling mandated school health screenings, complex medical and social issues, special needs and immunizations; school nurses continue to heal, comfort, mentor and fill a critical need in each district throughout the state.

School Nurse Professional Development Web Series

We are offering pre-recorded, professional development trainings for school nurses throughout Pennsylvania. The School Nurse Professional Development Web Series utilizes physician experts from Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Allegheny Health Network to address select priority topics identified by school nurses while providing them with required continuing education credits.

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Highmark Foundation honor 11 nurses with its third annual Advancing Excellence in School Nursing Awards 

Commemorating National School Nurse Day today, the Highmark Foundation announced 11 winners of its third annual Advancing Excellence in School Nursing Awards, created to honor and recognize the important role that school nurses play in keeping children healthy. Award winners each receive $1,500 to use for professional development or health-related programs at their respective schools.

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Meeting Health Needs Through Supportive Services Grant

Deadline: Applications are approved on a rolling basis and are accepted until December 31, 2017
This grant program supports economically disadvantaged school districts and high needs schools with supplementary assistance through grants to meet basic student health needs. Click here and see page 24 of the attached pdf for additional information.

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BMI Letter

PRO Wellness has developed and tested an effective BMI screening letter that leads parents to tools and resources for making healthy lifestyle changes for their families. This letter is now recommended for use by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

BMI Letter.

BMI Counseling Toolkit

Opening up a discreet and sensitive dialog with patients can improve efforts to motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes. Approach weight-related concerns with privacy and without judgment, this can be done by asking if it’s okay to talk about wellness goals. Children and parents may be more receptive and feel less threatened. Use the resources following the link below to guide families on making healthy food and activity choices.

Access our BMI Counseling Toolkit.

Archive Webinars

PRO Wellness is pleased to offer an inventory of webinars geared towards a building healthier school environment.

Access our archived webinars.

Mandated School Health Screenings

PRO Wellness, with funding from the Highmark Foundation, is partnering with community hospitals and school districts in western and central Pennsylvania to expedite Department of Health mandated school health screenings. For information on how these screenings can serve as a model for your district, please refer to our published work.


The School Nurse Professional Development Web Series

The School Nurse Professional Development Web Series


Creating A Healthy School Environment

Creating A Healthy School Environment


Revamping School-Based Health Screenings

Revamping School-Based Health Screenings


Preventing Chronic Disease

Critical Community Need: A Case Study for Nonprofit Hospitals


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Duquesne School District

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