Healthy Champion Schools

Healthy Champion Schools

Penn State PRO Wellness, in partnership with Penn State Children’s Hospital,  provides programs and health education materials to schools enrolled in its annual Healthy Champions Program. Originally developed for schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this program assists health leaders with fostering an environment that supports children eating well and being physically active. Participants are recognized as Champions and are equipped with resources to promote good nutrition and active living to youth and families.

Enrollment in our Healthy Champions Program is FREE.
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To enroll, an online assessment will be completed and “stars” will be awarded based on assessment results. Healthy Champions will be recognized with a star status and will set goals for attaining the next level star ranking in the following years. A maximum of five stars can be reached. Participants will be awarded “stars” based on answers to questions based on the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for goals and strategies to prevent obesity.

For questions about the Healthy Champions Program or enrollment, please contact Alicia Hoke.

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