FREE Shared Use Agreement Webinar 

Penn State PRO Wellness in partnership with the Pennsylvania State Alliance of YMCAs, has created a FREE Shared Use Agreement webinar that will launch on July 13. Creating a successful Shared Use Agreement (SUA) can have sustainable, positive impacts on the well-being of your community. Register today to learn how to successfully share spaces with local school districts to ensure that your community has an active and healthy summer! 

Webinar topic overview:

  • Learn more about SUA benefits,
  • best joint use strategies and
  • resources available to develop a SUA in Pennsylvania.

What is a Shared Use Agreement used for? A SUA is a formal agreement between two separate government entities that set forth the terms and conditions for shared use of public property or facilities. Community organizations, schools and local governments can use SUAs as an effective and affordable strategy to improve health within their community by increasing opportunities for children and their families to be physically active. Increasing access to recreational spaces is particularly important in low-income communities, where parks and recreational facilities are often lacking, but where risk of obesity and chronic disease are high.

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