Organize Your Team

Walk-to-School-FINOrganize Your Team

Get the whole community involved to plan a successful event: principal, teachers, PTO members, public officials, law enforcement, community watch groups, community health care providers, school champions and of course don’t forget your parents and students.

Here are a few tips for an effective and productive team:

  • Establish a regular meeting time and day of the week when it’s convenient for most team members to attend
  • Ensure everyone receives meeting announcements in a timely fashion (e-mail or personal phone calls work best)
  • Set agendas and stick to them
  • Make meetings concise and productive
  • Start by establishing long-term and short-term planning goals
  • Create a list of tasks and a timeline for achieving those tasks
  • Hold each team member accountable for completing the tasks he/she has been assigned – have a number of small tasks available for those who have limited time
  • Remember, no job is too small and remind team members that even the smallest efforts are greatly appreciated
  • End each meeting with a review of task assignments and confirm the next meeting date, time and location

Visit the national Walk to School website for additional tips on organizing your team by involving the community.