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In order to host a successful Go for the Greens event, it helps to organize a team to assist with the planning and execution. An ideal team consists of six to ten individuals and can include anyone who is willing to support your event.

Following is a suggested list of planning team members, and the roles each team member can fulfill to plan a successful Go for the Greens event.

At School or Recreation Center

School Food Service Director:

  • Decorate the cafeteria with a Go for the Greens theme including posters, tray liners or placemats with Go for the Greens logo/poster image, green tablecloths, and green streamers
  • Feature a variety of fruits and vegetables on the school breakfast/lunch menu during the week of March 11.
  • Ask staff to wear green on March 13

 School Nurse:

  • Present a lesson about why vegetables are good for you and the nutritional value they contain
  • Dress up as a vegetable (broccoli or celery) and greet youth in the morning on their way into school
  • Ask youth to decorate your door with hand-made posters/flyers promoting fruits & veggies

 Family Consumer Science Teacher:

  • Lead morning (or afternoon) announcements with facts about the nutritional value of green veggies
  • Have students prepare veggie recipes to share with other classes during lunch/snack
  • Teach your class about the health benefits of green veggies


  • Support this event by being interested and talking to youth about healthy meals
  • Promote your organization’s event to businesses by attending local Rotary or Chamber of Commerce meetings and encourage local business/community support

PTO/PTA or other Parent Group:

  • Help secure donations of food for a green veggie tasting during lunch that week
  • Provide financial support for the purchase of a featured green veggies snack
  • Send a letter home to parents about your school’s Go for the Greens celebration and how they can become involved

 Classroom Teachers:

  • Participate in the Produce Pentathlon
  • Begin each class with a quick fact on green veggies
  • Share your favorite vegetable-based recipe with students in your class
  • Incorporate lesson plans and activities that help your students understand the importance of eating fruits and veggies

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At Home

Local Farmer/Grocery Retailer:

  • Donate greens to a school for Go for the Greens celebrations
  • Approach a school/recreation center/business and offer to do a presentation about how different veggies grow, and the nutritional value of different greens
  • Invite local schools, recreation centers, youth groups (4-H or Scouts) and businesses to your farm/market for a field trip


  • Reinforce the healthy snacking message your child(ren) is learning in school/recreation center by:
    • Making veggie recipes together as a family
    • Visiting a local farmer’s market
    • Packing green veggies as a snack for your next family outing
    • Purchasing different varieties of veggies for your family to enjoy
  • Track your fruit and veggie consumption

Local Civic Leaders/Mayors/County Commissioners:

  • Declare March 13 “Go for the Greens” in your community
  • Work with local news organizations to publicize an Go for the Greens proclamation/resolution
  • Identify “healthy snacking zones” in your community

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At Work

Wellness Committee:

  • Organize a pot-luck lunch and ask employees to bring different dishes – appetizers, entrees, snacks and desserts – that feature greens as a main ingredient
  • Include an article  about Go for the Greens in your employee newsletter

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