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Apple Crunch is not a “one size fits all” event. Activities vary from school to school, group to group, and even state to state. The following ideas provide a number of exciting ways your organization can participate in the festivities!

Apple Crunch Celebration Ideas

  • Bring celebrations to the classroom. Organize a storybook reading of “Johnny Appleseed” and choose lessons that promote the importance of making healthy, easy snack choices.
  • Host a cafeteria-wide crunch. Students and teachers can count down to take a bite of an apple.
  • Coordinate fun challenges and games to increase physical education. Healthy choices include the decisions students make in eating and exercising.  Have fun with Apples.
  • Partner with your local community organizations. They are a great resource to provide apples and promote apple crunching activities.
  • Take a field trip. A local orchard, farmer’s market or grocer can provide a hands on experience to promote apples and apple products (applesauce, juice, and cider) as a healthy snack. Find a local orchard.
  • Create a recipe share of apple related snacks and drinks. This is a great way to involve school administration, teachers, other staff, students and families. Click here for recipe ideas.

Activities and Lessons from Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Board

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