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In order to host a successful Apple Crunch event, it helps to organize a team to assist with the planning and execution. An ideal team consists of six to ten individuals and can include anyone who is willing to support your event.

Following is a suggested list of planning team members, broken out by celebration location, and the roles each team member can fulfill to plan a successful Apple Crunch event.

At School or Recreation Center

Food Service Director:

  • Decorate the cafeteria with an Apple Crunch theme including posters, tray liners or placemats with the 2018 Apple Crunch poster, red tablecloths, and red/green/yellow streamers
  • Feature apple menu items such as apple sauce, apples and peanut butter, apples and cheese, apple cider, apple dumplings, etc.
  • Ask staff to dress up like apples or in apple colors (red, green, yellow)
  • Share fact sheets with students during the lunch period (or snack break) on October 24. Consider placing one fact sheet on each lunch tray or handing them to each student as they pass through the lunch line.

Family Consumer Science Teacher or Rec Center Program Staff:

  • Lead morning (or afternoon) announcements with facts about the nutritional value of apples
  • Have students prepare apple recipes to share with other classes during lunch/snack
  • Dress up like an apple character and coordinate with students to deliver apples to other classrooms
  • Teach your class about the health benefits of apples

Physical Education Teacher or Rec Center Program Staff:

  • Hang Apple Crunch posters in gym/locker rooms
  • Decorate the gym to look like an apple orchard
  • Do an apple crab walk race and games with an apple theme

School Nurse or Nutritionist:

  • Present a lesson about why apples are good for you and the nutritional value they contain
  • Dress up as an apple and greet youth with an apple
  • Ask youth to decorate your door with hand-made apple posters and paper apples

PTO/PTA or other Parent Group:

  • Help secure donations of food for an apple tasting or apple items featured on the lunch/breakfast menu that week
  • Provide financial support for the purchase of a featured apple snack
  • Send a letter home to parents about your school’s Apple Crunch celebration and how they can become involved

Principal or Rec Center Director:

  • Support this event by being interested and talking to youth about healthy snacking
  • Promote your organization’s event to businesses by attending local Rotary or Chamber of Commerce meetings and encourage local business/community support

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At Home

Local Farmer/Grocery Retailer:

  • Donate apples to the school for Apple Crunch celebrations
  • Approach a school/recreation center/business and offer to do a presentation about how apples grow, the history of apples, and the nutritional value of apples
  • Invite local schools, recreation centers, youth groups (4-H or Scouts) and businesses to your apple orchard for a field trip


  • Reinforce the healthy snacking message your child(ren) is learning in school/recreation center by:
    • Making apple recipes together as a family
    • Visiting a local farmer’s market or orchard
    • Packing whole apples or apple slices as a snack for your next family outing
    • Purchasing different varieties of apples for your family to enjoy
  • Track your fruit and veggie consumption

Local Civic Leaders/Mayors/County Commissioners:

  • Declare October 24 “Apple Crunch Day” in your community
  • Work with local news organizations to publicize an Apple Crunch Day proclamation/resolution
  • Identify “healthy snacking zones” in your community

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At Work

Wellness Committee:

  • Work with management to purchase (or seek a donation of) whole apples or apple slices to hand out to employees as a snack
  • Organize a pot-luck lunch and ask employees to bring different dishes – appetizers, entrees, snacks and desserts – that feature the apple as a main ingredient
  • Include an article  about Apple Crunch in your employee newsletter
  • Work with a local farmers market or orchard to provide discount coupons to all employees

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