13 Handwashing Program Materials and Resources

So what are you doing in your school to actively promote student handwashing? Programs abound for teaching students about its importance and its positive impact on their health. Many such programs can be found online. That’s why Education World recently “scoured” the Internet in search of handwashing materials that you and your teaching staffs might use to educate your students, cut down on illness, and improve attendance. Most of the programs below offer free components — lesson plans and activities, posters, games, and more.

  1. Printable Word Scramble Help Coco and the Nittany Lion unscramble the word puzzles below. Fill in the spaces correctly, and decode the secret message!
  2. Handwashing Worksheet For Kindergarten from Discover MyPlate USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition. Hand washing worksheet for kindergarten from Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten.
  3. Handwashing experiments for kindergarten from Discover MyPlate USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition. Easy exercises and experiments for kindergarten from Discover MyPlate: Nutrition Education for Kindergarten.
  4. Bulletin Board Resources Use the signs and posters featured here to remind your students and staff about the importance of hand washing.
  5. Employee Health and Personal Hygiene for Child Nutrition Professionals Institute of Child Nutrition. Resources highlight best practices for child nutrition employees in schools and in child care to use to prevent spreading pathogens that can cause food-borne illnesses.
  6. Wash Your Hands: Educating the School Community Institute of Child Nutrition. Includes a variety of booklets, videos, and posters.
  7. Wash Your Hands: Educating the School Community This program developed by the National Food Service Management Institute and the USDA includes a booklet (which includes activity ideas, lesson plans, clip art, and more), training video, and many posters in English and Spanish.
  8. Healthy Hands, Healthy Kids This program offers free lesson-plan packages for grades Pre-K through 2 and Grades 3 through 6. The program is sponsored by GOJO Industries, producers of Purell hand sanitizers.
  9. Henry the Hand Many resources that are part of Henry the Hand’s Champion Handwashing Program are available online. Others (coloring books, stickers, T-shirts) are available for a small cost.
  10. The Scrub Club This heavily animated Web site for kids presents E.Coli, Bac, Sal Monella, and other villains to good health. The site includes games, songs, and more.
  11. Germs on Their Fingers A brightly illustrated, bilingual book teaches children of all ages to wash their hands. Comes with an optional audio CD for teachers.
  12. Clean Hands Coalition Not much here in the way of resources, but they do offer some “Fun Ideas” for celebrating National Clean Hands Week in September.
  13. Teaching Hand Hygiene This tool kit from the Minnesota Department of Health provides many informational handouts. Also included are lessons and projects ideas for grades Pre-K through 12 and a list of picture books on the topic of handwashing.
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