Waist to Height Ratio

Waist to Height Ratio (WHtR)

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, excess abdominal fat is an important, independent risk factor for disease. The evaluation of waist circumference to assess the risks associated with obesity or overweight is supported by research. In fact, studies have shown that WHtR is a stronger predictor of cardiovascular risk and mortality.

Your waist to height ratio is calculated by dividing waist size by height. If your waist measurement is less than half your height, you’re likely not at risk for obesity-related disease.

The following chart helps you determine if your WHtR falls in a healthy weight range:

  • Ratio less than 43%: underweight
  • Ratio 43% to 52%: healthy weight
  • Ratio 53% to 62%: overweight
  • Ratio over 63%: obese
  • Ratio less than 42%: underweight
  • Ratio 42% to 48%: healthy weight
  • Ratio 49% to 57%: overweight
  • Ratio over 58%: obese