BMI Screening Letter

BMI Screening Letter

Although BMI screening and notification programs look attractive at first glance, studies show that school-based interventions have been unsuccessful in reducing childhood obesity prevalence, potentially due to the lack of follow-up with appropriate nutritional education programming for children who screen positive for overweight or obesity after the screenings take place.

In order to help fill this gap, the Highmark Foundation funded the Center to develop and test an effective BMI screening letter that leads parents to tools and resources for making healthy lifestyle changes for their families.

Our research team was pleased to learn that this revised letter showed favorable results. Among parents of overweight or obese children, more recipients of the revised letter intended to take action based on information it contained when compared to those receiving the standard letter (68% vs. 45%). In addition, parents of overweight or obese children who received the revised as compared to the standard letter were more likely to read the entire letter (82% vs. 77%).

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