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Unhealthy habits can be difficult to break but possible to change. Consistent, progressive steps to making wise food choices and increasing physical activity are the two most important steps to achieving a healthy weight. Small changes can add up to huge benefits and can be as easy as updating recipe ingredients with healthier options. Suggestions on moving more can be as simple as taking a brisk 30 minute walk after a meal. Gradual changes are more likely to become lifestyle habits over time.

Opening up a discreet and sensitive dialog with patients can improve efforts to motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes. Approach weight-related concerns with privacy and without judgment, this can be done by asking if it’s okay to talk about wellness goals. Children and parents may be more receptive and feel less threatened.

No one wants to be singled out when it comes to his or her weight. Suggest team-oriented or family activities to encourage healthful changes. Family and friends can support one another by cooking, eating and moving together. These activities can put children at ease and give them the boost needed to form healthier habits.

Use the resources below to guide families on making healthy food and activity choices.

Kohl’s Healthy Champions Recipes

A balanced diet can help children grow up healthy. However, it’s not always easy to eat healthy when you’re juggling a busy schedule. Looking for healthy meal options? Our Kohl’s Healthy Champions Recipes portal can help you make wise food choices.

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Healthy Choices Quick Tips to Share with Patients and Families

Click on our Healthy Choices quick tip sheets below to guide families on making healthy food and activity choices.