Public Health 3.0

Public Health 3.0

Public Health 3.0: Dauphin County is part of a state-wide initiative started by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) designed to bring together different sectors of communities (businesses, housing, education, transportation, etc.) to create conditions that support healthy lives. Using a hub-and-spoke model, counties across the commonwealth will build partnerships and create synergy to address priority health topics. Penn State PRO Wellness is serving as the hub for Dauphin County.

Goals of the initiative:

  • To begin a collaborative process of networking, partnering, and aligning efforts strategically
  • To establish an organized voluntary approach for moving toward a healthier community
  • Creates economies of scale and avoid investing in duplicative initiatives and programs
  • Create a regional partnership that aids in the utilization of resources. This will be accomplished through supporting/aligning existing interest groups or creating new, when needed.

Representatives of health-focused Dauphin County organizations came together to identify three priority topics:

  1. Obesity/physical inactivity,
  2. Substance use,
  3. Oral health.

PRO Wellness will work with spoke organizations to develop action teams focused on these topics. If your organization is interested in becoming a spoke with Public Health 3.0: Dauphin County, please email Alicia Hoke (