LiveHealthyPA is a communications hub connecting communities, schools, organizations and health teams to share what’s happening to keep Pennsylvanians healthy. PRO Wellness is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to review and share successful Healthy Living Practices.

Healthy Living Practices are “real-life examples” of programs, activities or campaigns created and executed to improve the health of participants.

LiveHealthyPA offers:

  • A springboard for sharing information through the Healthy Living Practices feature.
  • A centralized collection of resources to raise awareness of healthy behaviors and prevent chronic disease.

The result? A one-stop, online community that’s active and engaged in exchanging information and creating new approaches to address Pennsylvania’s health needs.

Why reinvent the wheel? Log onto to review available resources and search Healthy Living Practices that could help inform your work.

And, join a community that has promoted its good work! Help inform and inspire others, and get the attention your campaign deserves. Learn what’s working and submit a Healthy Living Practice today. Together, we can increase opportunities for proactive health changes across the state.

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