General Information

General Information

Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools Grant Program

More than 70 hospitals across the nation receive funding from Kohl’s Cares. Local programs range from healthy development and safety, to wellness and chronic disease management; each providing crucial education and resources to help children and families lead healthier and safer lifestyles. Here in Pennsylvania, Penn State PRO Wellness received grant funding to assist school districts in establishing wellness councils tasked with improving obesity prevention strategies to ensure healthy lifestyles in Lebanon County.

Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools is an evidence-based, established, and well-tested strategy to be implemented across six Lebanon County school districts. Through the establishment and support of school wellness councils and wellness champions, PRO Wellness will guide schools through a two-year process to identify district need, develop an action plan, and implement sustainable nutrition promotion, physical activity and family and community engagement programs.

Goals of the Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools Grant Program

There are four immediate goals for the Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools grant program:

  1. Create an active wellness council.
  2. Promote supportive nutrition environments.
  3. Implement quality physical activity in schools.
  4. Effectively engage family/community members.

There is one long-term goal for the grant:

  1. Reduce the percent of children who are overweight or obese.

Benefits to Participation

In addition to the financial incentives for participation in the Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools grant program, there are additional benefits to your district.

  • Collaborative learning with partner districts.
  • The grant may assist you with meeting Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act requirements.
  • Customized technical assistance to create healthier school environments which may lead to fewer behavioral issues and better academic performance.
  • Access to evidence based programs and resources.
  • Enrollment in our Healthy Champions program.
  • Focus towards sustainable wellness changes.