Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kohl's Building Healthy Lebanon Schools Grant Program?

Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools is an evidence-based, established, and well-tested strategy to be implemented across six Lebanon County school districts. Through the establishment and support of school wellness councils and wellness champions, PRO Wellness will guide schools through a two-year process to identify district need, develop an action plan, and implement sustainable nutrition promotion, physical activity and family and community engagement programs.

Who is involved with the grant program?

All six Lebanon County school districts were invited to participate.

Why was my school district invited to participate?

BHLS specifically targets Lebanon County, due to a significantly higher rate of obesity (30%) and decline in the county’s 2017 health ranking outcomes — the only county within our CHNA catchment to experience this. Given youth spending most of their waking hours in school, promising practices for combatting obesity include multi-component approaches within the school setting through physical activity opportunities, supportive nutrition environments, and community involvement. Further, controlling the obesity epidemic is critical to the prevention of chronic disease. By establishing sustainable school practices that support healthy living, schools can help set the stage to ensure healthier lives for our next generation.

What are the school-based goals of the Kohl's Building Healthy Lebanon Schools Grant Program?

The school-based goals of Kohl’s Building Healthy Lebanon Schools (BHLS) include: promotion and implementation of sustainable nutrition promotion, physical activity and family and community engagement programs.

Can we choose our self-assessment tool?

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program (HSP) Framework has been identified as the primary self-assessment tool for this initiative due to its comprehensiveness in the areas of physical activity and nutrition policies and practices. However, if you are currently using a different self-assessment tool, PRO Wellness staff will work with your district to convert your information from one tool to the HSP Inventory. Enrolling your schools in the HSP will grant you access to the user-friendly online tool and individualized resources.

How do we determine priorities for our district?

Completing a self-assessment will give your district a picture of what is working in your schools and what can be improved upon. PRO Wellness will also provide hands-on technical assistance and suggest changes that will improve nutrition promotion, increase physical activity, and enhance family/community engagement.

When would this begin and what is the time commitment?

PRO Wellness will provide hands-on, technical assistance over a two-year period to include planning in year one and implementation in year two.

Can you come to our schools in person for wellness meeting(s)?

The staff at PRO Wellness intend to be involved in any way possible 1) to help your district conduct a proper self-assessment and develop a comprehensive plan for improvement and 2) to provide resources wherever necessary. Accomplishing these goals will take place, primarily, through electronic media (teleconference, webcam, email, etc.), but each district will be visited at least once during their two-year enrollment cycle.

How can you help us work with the differing needs of elementary, middle and high schools?

This initiative is designed to assist your district in developing and implementing policy-based changes. However, these policies may be implemented using practices that are appropriate for the level of each building. PRO Wellness staff will assist districts in determining the best practices for each building and the grade levels it holds.