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We believe all students and staff deserve to learn, work, and grow within healthy communities. We are committed to helping schools develop cultures of care, kindness, and advocacy through Aevidum’s “I’ve got your back” model.

We believe every school is unique and embrace that Aevidum can look different in every school. Below we have highlighted the two most common and effective ways schools typcically adopt the Aevidum initiative. We will work with your school individually to determine the best way to bring the “I’ve got your back” message to your students and staff. Please contact us at with any requests or questions.

Ways to Bring Aevidum to Your School 

Option 1: Attend a Talk workshop.

The Talk is one-day workshop that introduces students and staff to Aevidum and its mission. Schools are invited to send approximately ten students and two adults to the workshop where they will gather with individuals from others schools in their community. Student leaders and adult advisors from established Aevidum schools lead the Talk workshops which serve to:

  1. Energize students and introduce them to Aevidum and its mission.
  2. Empower students to take responsibility to make a difference in their schools.
  3. Introduce students to the four characteristics of a healthy community: acceptance, acknowledgement, appreciation, and caring.
  4. Initiate planning for implementation of the program within their specific school.
  5. Provide time for adults attendees to learn about the program, understand the role of an Aevidum Advisor, and receive resources.

The Talk has been endorsed by national experts. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) representatives, who featured it on their website as one of the top National Prevention Week campaigns, have embraced its creativity and ease of delivery and are hoping to make it part of a larger national initiative.

Option 2: Apply for an Aevidum starter kit.

Although it would be great if every school could attend a Talk workshop to kick off their Aevidum initiative, it is more important that all schools have access to the Aevidum program. We have developed a starter kit to help you initiate Aevidum in your school.

A starter kit includes:

  1. Letters to give to each of your Aevidum members
  2. The Aevidum Movement video
  3. Talk workbooks for your students to work through
  4. Campaign ideas
  5. Posters
  • To start an Aevidum club initiative in your school, please complete the application form for tools and resources: Aevidum Application Form.
  • For a free 2018-2019 Materials Kit for your school’s Aevidum initiative, please complete this form to register: 2018-2019 Materials Kit Form (Kits contain materials for three campaigns this year and are available to the first 100 Aevidum schools who register.) 
  • If you’ve already applied for your Starter Kit and have the password, you can access the downloads page here: AEVIDUM STARTER KIT DOWNLOADS


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