Building Healthy Schools Grant Program – The Building Healthy Schools grant program is delivered to districts across PA by Penn State PRO Wellness through funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health through the “State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health” federal grant and “Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Action Plan – A written document that your district wellness council will create after completing the school health assessment. The action plan will contain a list of items that your district plans to accomplish as a result of participating in the Building Healthy Schools grant program.

Active Wellness Council – An active wellness council meets the following criteria:

  • holds meetings every other month, at least four times per academic year;
  • has completed or is in the process of completing a school/district assessment;
  • as a result of completing an assessment, has identified priority areas to address via an agreed upon action plan;
  • has a defined process for continual evaluation and updating of the action plan; and
  • annually assesses the contents of the districts wellness policy.

(Also see wellness council)

Condition of Award (COA) – A document signed by the awardee stating expectations and requirements of the award.

Evaluation Plan – A written document that describes how you will monitor and evaluate your program and activities. Following the results of a school health assessment and development of an action plan, this document will house all of your anticipated outcomes, as well as the indicators that will determine if the outcomes have been met. The evaluation plan clarifies how you will describe the “What,” the “How” and the “Why It Matters” for your program.

Get Outdoors PA – A program created by Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to connect citizens with outdoor recreation activities to increase their appreciation and active use of parks, forests and public spaces while imparting a message of environmental stewardship and healthy living.

Healthy Champions Program – An education/awareness initiative designed to teach youth and their families how to eat well and engage in regular physical activity. This program is offered through Penn State PRO Wellness.

Healthy Schools Program Framework – A school health assessment made available by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This self-assessment will be used to determine the state of wellness in the enrolled districts.

Joint Use Agreement – A formal or informal contract between two entities who agree to share indoor or outdoor facilities for community use. This can include playgrounds, gymnasiums, and athletic fields. Also called shared use, or community use agreements.

Needs Assessment – PRO Wellness staff will conduct a 15-minute phone interview with the wellness champion to gather information about the district. Information gathered will assist PRO Wellness in planning resources and professional development opportunities that best support each district.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) – DCNR’s mission is to conserve and sustain Pennsylvania’s natural resources for present and future generations’ enjoyment. They are a partner agency that will participate in the implementation of the multiple strategies of the Building Healthy Schools grant.

Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) – DOH is responsible for planning and coordinating health resources throughout the Commonwealth and was a recipient of the Building Healthy Schools grant through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) – PennDOT oversees transportation issues in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They are a partner agency that will participate in the implementation of the multiple strategies of the Building Healthy Schools grant.

Penn State PRO Wellness – Penn State PRO Wellness is committed to educating and inspiring youth and their families to eat well, engage in regular physical activity, and become champions for bringing healthy choices to life.

School Health Assessment – A tool used to engage the school community in discussions around promoting good health within the school. The tool helps to identify strengths and weakness of health policies and programs and providing the opportunity to create an action plan based around those findings to improve school health. PRO Wellness recommends The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s assessment tool, the Healthy Schools Program Framework. (Also see Healthy Schools Program Framework)

School Health Profile SurveyThis survey will be conducted during the Spring semester of even years and will be administered by an external agency. Districts will complete this survey a minimum of one (1) time and no more than two (2) times over the course of the grant program (2014-2018).

Technical Assistance – PRO Wellness is committed to providing customized, hands-on assistance in all phases of the Building Healthy Schools grant program implementation. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • facilitation and technical assistance with wellness councils, self-assessment, action plan and evaluation plan development, policy development and program implementation;
  • online training through webinars, including an introduction to assessment tools, program creation, program delivery, program evaluation and key physical activity and nutrition topics;
  • an online resource page available through the PRO Wellness website that includes archived webinars, discussion boards, document sharing and school wellness news and resources;
  • opportunities for networking and partnership building with local and state partners; and
  • enrollment in the PRO Wellness Healthy Champions Program providing the district with exclusive access to PRO Wellness health education materials including event planning guides, promotional templates, event posters and funding priority when opportunities arise.

Webinar – PRO Wellness will offer webinars throughout each grant year on topics relevant to the Building Healthy Schools grant program goals.

Wellness Champion – Each district is required to identify one (1) person to serve as their district wellness champion (champion). This person will serve as the main point of contact for PRO Wellness staff and will be responsible for facilitating Building Healthy Schools grant activities within the district.

Wellness CouncilA group focused on the health and the well-being of students and staff that concerns itself with assessing the school’s health status, guiding school health policies, and coordinating activities on health topics. (Also see active wellness council)

Wellness PolicyDistricts are required to submit a copy of any wellness policies (school building and/or district level) to PRO Wellness, where staff will analyze the policies using the Wellness School Assessment Tool (WellSAT). This process will produce a policy-level analysis of wellness in the district to supplement the practice-level information identified through the school health assessment.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey – This survey is conducted during the Fall semester of even years and will be administered by an external agency. Districts will complete this survey a minimum of one (1) time and no more than two (2) times over the course of the grant program (2014-2018).