General Information


The Building Healthy Schools Grant Program

The Building Healthy Schools grant is a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All 50 states were awarded a basic component of the grant. Pennsylvania is 1 of 32 states that received additional, enhanced competitive funding.

The grant program is a unique collaboration across different sectors of the CDC to increase and reinforce healthy behaviors across the lifespan. Initiatives are targeted to different groups through state, community, health systems, worksites, schools, and early child care strategies.

Goals of the Building Healthy Schools Grant Program

There are two immediate goals for the Building Healthy Schools grant program:

  1. Promote and implement supportive nutrition environments.
  2. Implement quality physical education and physical activity in schools.

There is one long-term goal for the grant:

  1. Reduce the percent of children who are overweight or obese.

Benefits to Participation

In addition to the financial incentives for participation in the Building Healthy Schools grant program, there are additional benefits to your district.

  • Collaborative learning with partner districts.
  • The grant may assist you with meeting Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act requirements.
  • Customized assistance to create healthier school environments which may lead to fewer behavioral issues and better academic performance.
  • Access to the latest resources, research, and best practices from DOH, PDE, PRO Wellness.