AED Funding Sources for Schools

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National Funding Resources

Provides grants for AEDs to private and public businesses, agencies, and institutions.

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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Provides access to a database of all Federal programs available to state and local governments.

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Cintas Scholastic AED Program

Provides grants to public schools seeking AEDs.

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Foundation Center

Provides a directory of private philanthropic and grant making foundations.

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Health Resources and Services Administration

Through the Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant Program, provides funding for AEDs and CPR-AED training in rural areas.

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Medtronic Foundation HeartRescue Program

Provides funding for school-based CPR/AED education programs.

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Philips HeartStart Giving Program

Supports early defibrillation programs in places where people live, work and play, including educational programs, training, and implementation services for organizations that cannot support these needs on their own and for communities that have limited access to EMS.

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Local Funding Resources

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Pennsylvania State Funding Resources

Birmingham Foundation

“As a foundation with a health mission, we focus on the value of health across our target neighborhoods in South Pittsburgh. We fund and partner with nonprofit groups who have a shared vision of building on the assets of our community to improve health.”

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The Gregory Moyer Defibrillator Fund

“We receive a discount from the manufacturers of every AED we donate to a school or charitable organization. As we began getting calls from businesses, social service agencies and places of worship about obtaining AEDs for their facilities, we negotiated discounts  from several manufacturers as long as they purchase through Greg’s Fund. Often, groups wishing to implement AED programs contact us with questions about how AEDs work, where they should be placed and how training is obtained. When they are ready to purchase, we forward the name of the organization and the contact person to the appropriate manufacturer, contact is made, and the AED is delivered at a discounted price.

To date, more than one hundred AEDs have been purchased in this manner. In most cases, prices for those who purchase through Greg’s Fund are lower than Pennsylvania’s state-negotiated price (but not lower than the price for schools in Pennsylvania).”

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