8 Downloadable Handwashing Lesson Plans

A recent study of the handwashing habits of high-school students revealed that 58 percent of girls and 48 percent of boys wash their hands after using the bathroom. A teacher might try to duplicate this study in their own school by investing their students with the responsibility of being “restroom spies.” Have them watch students from other classrooms and report back on the results of their study. Track the results to determine whether boys or girls in your school have good handwashing habits; and what percent of boys and girls wash their hands after using the restroom.

Education World recently “spied” these additional handwashing lesson plans online:

  1. Handwashing Curriculas and Student Project Ideas K-12 lesson ideas from the Minnesota Department of Health.
  2. Down With Germs A couple dozen pages of lesson plans for grades Pre-K through
  3. Sink Those Germs A game and handouts for teaching young children.
  4. Healthy Kids Mean Happy Classrooms Experience the results of a comprehensive hand hygiene program. Absenteeism was reduced by 51% in classrooms that used PURELL and implemented a hand hygiene program versus classrooms that did not.
  5. It Might Come in Handy: Learning About Handwashing The New York Times Learning Network offers this lesson for grades 6-12.
  6. Caught Dirty-Handed This activity could be adapted across the grades.
  7. Handwashing Laboratory Activities These college-level activities could be used in high school.
  8. Scrub Club for Kids And lots of downloadables for teachers too.

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