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46 FREE printable Railyard Fitness lesson plans/workouts for children

Railyard Fitness is offering a free 50-page manual filled with 46 functional bodyweight exercises, teachable moments, lesson plans for ground and functional obstacle course workouts, and teacher assessment forms. Ideal for all children ages 5 and up, these lesson plans/workouts that do not require any equipment — just your desire to provide your students the physical skills needed to participate in life or sports with confidence, self-esteem, and pride. Download the free guide.

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28 FREE Tools for Teaching K-12 with Limited Equipment

Many physical educators are coping with limited equipment options due to natural disasters, cut budgets, or program neglect at the district level. As a response, OPEN National Trainers recently published a new module for K-12 physical educators who are looking for outcomes-based activity options with limited equipment. OPEN membership is free and provides access to hundreds of outcomes-based resources. Access the new module.

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42 FREE High School Curriculum Resources

Teachers asked for it, OPEN delivered. The next progression in Spikeball® and Roundnet play has arrived with an outcomes-based module complete with assessments, tournament ideas, academic language cards, and much more. The Roundnet High School Module is designed to introduce the sport to new players while helping experienced players continue to develop their skills. Download these new resources today.

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Top 10 Physical Education Blog Posts of 2017

Looking for creative ways to make physical education fun? Visit the S&S Worldwide Blog! It’s where physical education teachers from all around the country come to connect and share their favorite activity and lesson plans. Learn new activity ideas each week that will enhance student skills, like coordination, teamwork, balance, and creativity. Each post includes step-by-step instructions, set up, and variations. Learn more.

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FREE Guide for Engaging Parents in Physical Education and Physical Activity

Interested in exploring new strategies for inspiring the parents of your students to support active, healthy lifestyles in and out of school? Download the Guide to Engaging Parents in School Physical Education and Physical Activity: Resources and Examples. From back to school events and family fitness nights to cultivating active school environments, the practical guide is full of links to real life examples — such as newsletters, bulletin boards, presentations, videos, and more — that you can use to promote the power of physical education and physical activity. Read about these best practices and great ideas, share them, and put them to work for your school.

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